Hola! 👋🏼, My name is Jason Calleiro. I'm a product builder who enjoys and has a knack for creating solutions in ambiguous & emerging domains.

Recently I have been designing and exploring solutions for the future of finance at Brex. I previously led design at Facebook for ML/AI explainability

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  1. Brex
    Senior Product Designer
    2021 - Present

    Worked with leads to establish a new team at Brex with a theme of creating "universal experiences." We have become a key partner for all product teams and work horizontally across the organization.


    • Core team member that defined mission, vision, &. KPIs for newly formed team.
    • Led a workstream designing a wallet system for a company "big bet."
    • Led design for the following workstreams, helping take Brex global: international shipping, card disputes, card replacement.
    • Drove the redesign of the Brex application iA.
    • Assisted in mentorship, interviewing, and helping scale our high-growth design team.
  2. Facebook / Meta
    Senior Product Designer

    I was the first designer in a new team in a highly ambiguous space. With increasing regulatory scrutiny, I led design to provide ML/AI explainability solutions for our Ads product.


    • Worked with research, legal & other AI design teams to develop a strategy & principles for how our ads teams will design machine learning explainability experiences across their surfaces. member that defined mission & vision of the team.
    • Designed a new tool allowing users and regulators to understand data points used for serving ads in their feed.
    • Supported team scaling efforts, assisted with team re-org, provided leadership, guidance, and opportunities for younger designers take on more responsibilities.
  3. SimplePractice
    Design Lead

    During a period of extreme growth and being a clear leader in the behavioral health space, I led design & teams across multiple initiatives at SimplePractice.


    • Designed a north star that drove a complete redesign for our core product.
    • Built out our design system and created our core library of components.
    • Created & managed our design system xfn team.
    • Led design through discovery and launch of our "Professional Website" application, resulting in a 14% increase in revenue per customer.
    • Supported scaling efforts of product design teams, growing 2 - 8 designers.
  4. Astroid
    Design Lead

    Founded a boutique design agency focusing on funded startups.


    • Led product design consulting for startups & established brands designing digital products at various stages, with an emphasis on healthcare technology.
    • Worked together with design & development teams to implement design processes within agile development environments.
    • Implemented design systems, workflows, and tooling giving design teams the ability to keep consistency at scale.
    • Created product prototypes that contributed to securing funding totaling over 150 million dollars from partners like FirstData, Intellectual Ventures, & The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
    • Designed the user management system for an Apple design award winner.